Your Attitude When Financially Supporting Ministries

Here’s a quick, powerful lesson on the purpose of financially supporting ministries. At this time of the year, many ministries are asking for your year-end gift. Once you’ve discerned which ministries to support (which I hope includes your church!), you need to make sure you have the right attitude when giving.

Philippians 4:17 says, ““Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.”

Paul made this statement after acknowledging the Philippians’ financial support to his ministry. Here’s the lesson:  We give because we want to see fruitful ministry. It’s not about the money we give; our motivation should be the ministry fruit that will be produced.

A perspective for ministries:

Be good stewards. Don’t just seek the gift to say look at what we got, but set your hearts on how to use that money for the most ministry effectiveness.

A perspective for givers:

Don’t boast in your gift (the amount or the fact that you gave). Boast in what the Lord does (the fruit) with the gifts of the faithful.

Let’s be generous and see more ministry fruit!

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